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Effective advertising, when done correctly, can have a huge impact on business. When it comes to trade advertising, our in-depth understanding of the retail and foodservice industries ensures we know which publications work best and what language to use.

Employing hard-hitting creative designs and carefully crafted words, our campaigns provide compelling delivery of our clients' messages.

It depends on a client's needs, but advertising in the trade press can fulfil several objectives. Some clients approach advertising from a tactical point of view, perhaps promoting the launch of a new product or service. Some clients, on the other hand, prefer to be more strategic in their approach; targeting relevant features and using advertising to boost awareness.

What's important is that advertising dovetails with – and complements – other parts of the trade communications programme.

We have longstanding relationships with the advertising sales people on all the key trade publications. The good news for our clients is that we get preferential rates and we buy media very competitively. It also means we are able to secure premium positions within magazines, thereby optimising an advertisement's effectiveness.

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of our advertising creative

  • BPEX wanted to tell retailers that they had moved from the BPEX Quality Standard Mark to the Red Tractor quality assurance logo.
  • The Pig Industry Task Force established the Code of Practice for the labelling of pork and pork products. We were asked to develop an ad that would maximise impact for the campaign, encourage companies to sign up and drive traffic to the campaign website.
  • The British pig industry, under the campaign theme of Pigs Are Still Worth It!, is urging supermarkets to increase the DAPP – the price paid to producers for pigs. The brief was to develop a trade-facing advertisement which would maximise impact for the issue and maintain pressure on retailers to increase the DAPP.
  • Green Giant wanted to be positioned as a big brand that continues to grow.
  • The brief from Häagen-Dazs was to design an ad positioning the brand as refreshing, indulgent and sumptuous. Job done!
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