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As a full-service agency, design is a fundamental aspect of the work that we do. But it doesn't stop there. When you buy design services from HD, you are buying a complete package.

Whether it be a press feature or supplement, a corporate or category report, a newsletter, leaflet or flyer, or even a recipe book, we manage every aspect of the production.

We write the copy, commission excellent quality photography and then we manage the design and print process throughout. Though print is outsourced, we use printers we know and trust and we check proofs thoroughly to ensure that our clients are provided with a first class piece of literature of the highest quality.

We believe that all creative - whether designed for print, web or mobile platforms – should be effective and meaningful and this is where, we believe, good design can really play its part.

The target audience should always be central to our thinking - there's no point designing something that looks attractive but which doesn't appeal to the person it's intended for. We believe that ‘good design communicates' – good content deserves good design which in turn should facilitate the effective communication of that content to the target audience. This principal dictates how we approach every design project on behalf of our clients and this is exemplified in all our design work.

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  • Recipe booklets
  • Industry reports
  • Leaflets
  • Advertorials
  • Display
  • Flyers
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