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We have unrivalled knowledge of the grocery retail, foodservice and farming trade press and have forged strong relationships with journalists across all the key titles. Although our strength lies in business to business communications, we also target regional and consumer press for much of the work we do.

From planning and preparing press campaigns to continuously evaluating performance, we strive to deliver first class results every time. We work hard to ensure that journalists give our stories precedence, positioning our clients as recognised authorities within their sector. We achieve this by producing relevant, well written press releases supported by newsworthy quotes and appropriate imagery.

We prefer the personal approach, identifying the right journalist to target and ‘selling in' stories rather than merely distributing press releases. We also stay close to our clients in order to identify potential news stories and we always try to find new angles for journalists writing planned features.

We take pride in never missing a deadline.

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of our press relations work

  • <strong>Going the extra mile.</strong><br />We all know that busy journalists prefer to receive press releases via email, but occasionally it's good to go that extra mile. This product drop to a publishing house, accompanied by tennis look alike Roger Federer following Haagen-Dazs sponsorship of Wimbledon, went down an absolute storm generating plenty of editorial coverage - and they enjoyed the free ice cream too!
  • <strong>Generating coverage & evaluating the results.</strong><br />Writing and selling in a story is just part of the service.  It's at this stage that our media monitoring service kicks in.  We track and evaluate all editorial coverage so our clients see what return they are getting on their investment.
  • <strong>Targeting and dominating features</strong><br />A key facet of any trade communications programme is identifying and targeting planned features.  We employ a range of techniques to ensure our clients – and their products and services – are prominent in relevant features.  This means interrogating the journalist's brief, establishing key messages with client, writing clear incisive copy, selling in our story, providing relevant photography and setting up interviews with senior spokespeople.
  • <strong>Using photography to capture column inches</strong><br />A picture is worth a thousand words – enough said!
  • <strong>On yer Bike</strong><br />Our account handlers will go to any lengths to get their clients’ brands in the news. Our very own Mark Cavendish got on his bike to reveal a new advertising campaign to trade journalists.
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